House Painting

House Painting Ideas For Your Home

House painting doesn’t have to be boring because instead of painting your home’s exterior in the same drab colors such as beige or gray, why not give the neighbors something to discuss and paint the exterior in bold or even bright colors? Sure this might not draw in potential buyers, but it gives you the chance to have fun while upgrading your house. Start by visiting a home improvement store in your Melbourne suburb and picking up samples of bold colored exterior paints. Then look over them to determine which bright color would work the best for the house painting. Here are additional tips on painting your exterior in a bold color.

If you really want to shake things up with the house painting, you can have a two-tone color scheme for your home’s exterior. Turquoise and yellow are a great combination if your front porch is painted black or dark brown. Red and orange are bold enough for your home’s exterior but make sure that the outdoor decor do not contain the same colors as your exterior since this will be too overpowering. Pink and lime green look nice on the exterior of a home and they especially look cool for the springtime. Purple and gold might work for your home’s exterior. When choosing your Melbourne house painters – be sure to use a master painter you can trust. It is a good idea to find out what other jobs they have done in the past and ask them to send you photos of the paintwork.

Before you apply the bold color to your home’s exterior, you want to make sure that the color scheme fits in with the neighborhood you live in although you may still be able to get away with this even in areas where bold colored exteriors are frowned upon. If you live in an up and coming hipster neighborhood, you’re more likely to get away with bright colored exteriors than if you live in a conservative town.

You should also consider the type of home you have and theme you’re going for regarding the entire home renovation. If you have a small stucco home and you’re sticking with a Mexican/southwestern theme for the house, you might decide to paint the exterior a bright red, burnt orange, golden yellow, royal blue or a teal color. By doing this you won’t have a house that has a mismatched design.

In conclusion, bold colors make your home’s exterior stand out in an exciting and unique way. Keep in mind that darker colors require primer before applying, and that these colors are also difficult to paint over when you want a new bold color. Get your family’s input in the selection of a color and enjoy the fruit of your labor, a beautiful and eclectic-looking exterior for the home.