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3 Things to Remember When Buying a Wooden Cubby House

A wooden cubby house can be the gift of a lifetime to a young child. A child can grow up with their cubby house, having their own personal retreat and space for years to come. Kids play houses can keep children entertained for days on end, or at least for hours throughout the day. You can even invite the entire neighborhood over and every child would still be entertained. There are a such a large variety of houses available, made from different materials and with different designs. Most parents agree that wooden outdoor houses are the best and really look the best. If you’ve never bought a wooden cubby house before, then here are a few important tips to keep in mind while shopping.
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1. Safety should always be a top priority.
You’ve always got to keep safety in mind when it comes to outdoor toys for the children. A cubby is no different. Long ago, cubbies were built with something called “CCA timber”. It was later learned that CCA timber contained arsenic, which is very, very bad for children. Whenever you are shopping for a wooden cubby house, always check the pine that is used to construct the house. You must make sure that it is arsenic-free pine that has been treated for the outdoors. This is perfectly safe for children.

2. Durability
As with any investment, you don’t want to put your money into something that is going to fall apart in a month, or even a year. Unfortunately, there are plenty of wooden cubby houses that are cheaply built and cost very little. That’s why you’ve got to keep an eye on the strength, durability, and stability of any wooden cubby house, especially one that is being offered at an extremely good price. Buy from a supplier that is known to use high-quality materials when they build their wooden cubby houses. You can ask the supplier any other important questions while you are at it, such as what kind of flooring is used. In most cases, you’ll want Yellow Tongue Flooring. Yellow Tongue flooring is very resistant to moisture and is used inside real homes as well. Don’t waste your time or money buying a cheaply-made, mass produced cubby because it is never worth it. Buy a wooden house that is hand made and will stand the test of time.

3. What does the cubby house look like.
Your cubby is for the children, so you’re going to want a design that really sparks their imagination. When working with hand made cubby houses, you have a much larger selection of sizes, designs, shapes, and styles. Find a wooden cubby that stands out in your back yard or matches the decor of the home. There are so many possibilities that there’s never one right answer, but you really want something that looks fun and gets the imagination pumping in children.

These are three important factors to keep in mind when you’re shopping for wooden play houses for the first time. There’s a cubby house out there that’s perfect for your yard and your children, you’ve just got to find it.